🌟 Reiki Dates for May & a New Group Meditation⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 5/1/23

First of all, Reiki causes no harm and requires consent. It doesn't deplete me to channel it to you. It also won't come to you if you don't allow it. Here are a few of Reiki's benefits.

What can Reiki do for you? Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy technique that promotes healing, but we can go a little deeper than that:

First of all, Reiki causes no harm and requires consent. It doesn't deplete me to channel it to you. It also won't come to you if you don't allow it. Here are a few of Reiki's benefits:

  • Physical: Reduced pain, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure
  • Emotional: Reduced anxiety, increased relaxation, improved mood
  • Mental: Improved focus, reduced stress, increased clarity
  • Spiritual: Increased sense of connection, inner peace, deeper self-awareness

Reiki works on your energy body and beyond. It balances your chakras and helps you relax. Energy work like Reiki is the perfect complement to the spiritual path because it reveals what's going on in your energy body, esoteric body, emotional body, physical body—and so on.

Our issues are in our tissues. So what we focus on expands. But sometimes, we can focus on things that manifest as a sore knee, a headache, or a nagging sense that there's something more out there for us...

Reiki picks up on these clues for me during sessions, as you may know. Sometimes a Reiki session is a nap. Other times, it can turn into a coaching session if you're going through a tough time and trying to wrangle a problem while resisting...

Sometimes, you're going gangbusters on your healing journey, and all is well! Reiki is great for a tune-up there, too.

Don't worry—Reiki always knows what to do. And the act of (and commitment to) not worrying is part of practicing Reiki, as it's one of the 5 Reiki Precepts.

There Are 3 Reiki Days in May

Chakra-balancing Reiki happens on the final Saturday of each month—with a few extra dates mixed in as I’m able—at White Dove in Wichita.

Those extra Saturdays this month will be May 6, 20, and 27.

White Dove is located at 2947 E. Kellogg (on the frontage road). You can always call us at (316) 262-3683 or email me directly to hold your spot at destinyarchitecture@gmail.com.

Sessions last 25 minutes and cost $40. I accept cash, card, CashApp, and Bitcoin lightning ⚡️ payments.

Walk-ins are always welcome.

You can also pay ahead online and save your spot in the Destiny Architecture online store. There's a place to pay and a link to save your time slot in my booking calendar.

Long story short, I built it this way so that you'll get discounts when you join the membership at DestinyArchitecture.net.

Please support White Dove by taking this class from Courtney and/or coming in for Reiki before/after 👇

Beginning on May 6th, White Dove is excited to host a 4-week course every Saturday through the month of May titled "Beginners Evidential Mediumship" given by Courtney. This course will teach you how to communicate with people who have passed away. This course is suitable for complete beginners and above. Meditations and group exercises learning to link with the spirit world, as well as numerous discussions, including ethics and boundaries. The class will focus on pair work with other class members. Kindness to self and others is expected. The cost is $40 payable on the day of the first class. Limit 7. To reserve your spot, call White Dove. The class begins at 2 pm and lasts until 3:30 pm. 
White Dove's special for May: All Sun's Eye essential oils and R-Expo perfume oils from India. We have a great selection of both brands. All individual oils are 10% off starting on April 28th and running through the month of May. We also have a few 2023 Astrological calendars and periodicals left over at 50% off retail.

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Announcing a ✨ New✨  Monthly New Moon 🌚  Meditation Group!

I'm announcing something ✨ new 🌚 for May!

Starting this month, subscribers will be invited to a monthly group meditation held on (or as close as possible to) each month's New Moon. For May, this will be Thursday, May 18 from 7:30-8:30 PM via Zoom.

We'll spend 20 minutes meditating as a group with time for a Q&A to answer your meditation questions.

The new moon is a wonderful, perfect time to set intentions. So we'll do a brief manifesting exercise complete with a free digital download for you to keep. We'll talk about goal-setting and making vision boards.

1:1 Life Coaching Sessions

I've made coaching sessions available again in the Destiny Architecture store. You'll get a 10% off discount if you join the membership. (Also good on Reiki sessions, downloads, and more—courses coming soon).

*Just a housekeeping note: The store is at DestinyArchitecture.com and I run the membership on DestinyArchitecture.net. Once you sign up as a member, you will have access to the guided meditations hosted on the .net site. You'll receive an email within 24 hours after that containing your 10% off codes.

Last week's newsletter ⬇️

🌟The BEST Ways To Grow on The Spiritual Path⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 4/24/2023
Come to White Dove in Wichita, where I’ve been practicing Reiki since 2014 for some chakra-balancing Reiki on April 29th. Sessions last 25 minutes and cost $40. I accept cash, card, CashApp, and Bitcoin lightning ⚡️ payments.

The Latest Meditation for Subscribers:

This week's guided meditation is a little bit different. It will help you with anxiety, but I also offer some teaching up front for the first 13:39 minutes of the podcast.

(I also broke this up into separate audio files so you can listen to only the meditation—your choice).

A Guided Meditation to Help With Anxiety
Join us for an 18-minute guided meditation that will help you deal with anxiety. First, learn about meditation and tools for anxiety, then enjoy relaxing meditation music starting at 13:39. Finish with 3 minutes of music fade at the end.


Come Enjoy the Shift With Us—Reiki Sessions This Saturday from 11-4 at White Dove Wichita—and notes to help you along your spiritual/healing journey 👇

Come Enjoy the Shift With Us—Reiki Sessions This Saturday from 11-4 at White Dove Wichita
People wanted a partner in change, someone to hold them accountable, and hold up a mirror with some tough (but nurturing) love in the moments when it makes sense.

Your Mind Isn't The Enemy—It's a Tool You Sharpen

Your Mind Isn’t The Enemy—It’s a Tool You Sharpen
How Does One Sharpen The Mind?First of all, stop seeing your mind as the enemy. Healing began for me when I began to reject certain 12-step beliefs such as…

Here's What You Get for Becoming a Member

Here’s What You Get for Becoming a Member
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Revealing the Guide/Playbook for the Spiritual Journey

Revealing the Guide/Playbook for the Spiritual Journey
Welcome to the spiritual journey! Here’s the entire playbook of everything you need to know…

The above ⬆️ comes with a TikTok to match 👇


Join me as i reveal the #spiritualjourney playbook. #healingjourney #healingjourney💜 #healingjourney🖤 #healingenergy #healingenergytools #spiritualtiktok #spiritualawakening #Reiki #ReikiMaster #reikimastersoftiktik

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This was fun to see people react to! 

Curated Content for Content Creators (Who Also Care Deeply About Personal Development)

Freelance writers, beware: ChatGPT may (or may not be) coming for your job, via Forbes.

I'm a big fan of Josh Brill's music for yoga, Reiki, and meditation. He's got a cool YouTube channel about music mindfulness you can enjoy.

It's good work if you can get it!

Creators on TikTok are getting paid up to $34K to make ads for big brands. I think I'm a tad too honest to get this kind of work. 😉

I did this in radio to make ends meet because the pay was so low, my audience (now called a "following") was built-in, and I had a professional studio at my disposal. In short, it was easy money. This was ~20 years ago and I'd make probably $120 for a 1-minute commercial for a new long-stay Max Factor lipstick. 💄 Ok, I'm dating myself now...

The point is, if you work to create a positive image with a loyal & engaged audience + you create sticky short-form video content = you may be a good candidate to make ads. That's just my opinion, as someone with little desire to work with "big" brands.

However, I'd put my rotten cats out there for a cat food deal! 🤣 Pet rent sucks! 😂

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