Destiny Architecture ⚡️(For Your Life) Blueprint: Yoga For Beginners 🧘‍♀️ 3/28/22

Let's put it all together with ALL of the blog posts so far about how to get started doing yoga!

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Below are 9 poses and additional information to help you get started with your home yoga practice 👇

Yoga For Beginners

Let’s Get You Doing Yoga Right Now!
The results of the recent survey I sent out proved you’re really into yoga, slightly into meditation, but would love frequent blueprints to help you do both. Haven't taken it? Let your voice be heard!Let’s test this out in real life now and give you such a
Yoga & Meditation Blueprint Day 2/30
I feel nervous saying I’ll do this for 30 days because my biggest fear is that these yoga and meditation blueprints won’t “hit” online. But since my core email list of Destiny Architects has asked for them, I’m trying out this idea 💡 Yesterday, we began with a simple tadasana + breathing
Day 3 of Yoga For Beginners: 1 More Pose, Another Meditation Hack
I’ve given you three very basic yoga poses so far. Now, you’ll have four to practice.
Day 4 Beginner Yoga: Safety & How To Practice
The reason I am introducing yoga in bite-sized blueprints is twofold: The makes it easier to beginThis is how I started!I started yoga in my teenage years with nothing but a crappy fitness mat and a copy of Richard Hittleman’s 28-Day Yoga Plan. It was years before I was
Day 5/30 of Yoga for Beginners: How to do a Standing Forward Bend
So far, in yoga we’ve learned: Tadasana, or Mountain PoseBalasana, or Child’s PoseSukhasana, or Easy PoseThen we put all of those together with a word on safety in practiceToday, We’ll Learn Uttanasana, or Standing Forward FoldYes, we’re going to learn to bend over. It has a fancy name and everythin…
Day 6 of Yoga For Beginners: Half-Standing Forward Bend
We just keep going, one bite-size blueprint at a time. Yoga class is hard. It’s physically demanding but also comes with new words in Sanskrit. You’re in a room of sweaty bodies wondering, “Am I doing this right?” Some studios offer mirrors, too—which can be good or bad depending
Day 7 of Yoga For Beginners: How to Do Hero’s Pose
Another seated, relaxing pose the day after “Springing Forward.” If you’re like me, you didn’t wake up at “the right time” today and your whole day felt a Maybe you’re tired. Time to relax into Hero’s Pose!
Day 8 of Yoga For Beginners: Bound Angle Pose
This is one of my favorites because it’s the “old standby” pose. Anytime you need to just get down on your mat and relax, you can call on Bound Angle Pose. Use it when you need to calm down or refocus when things are hectic.
Day 9 of Yoga For Beginners: Staff Pose
I hadn’t done this one in ages when I happened upon it last year. I didn’t remember Staff Pose being so hard! But then it hit me: We spend a lot of time hunched over. We work on computers all day, some of us on laptops (which is bad for
Day 10 of Yoga for Beginners: Common Questions Answered to Help Get You Going
There are three questions people ask me about yoga and meditation quite often. I think it’s time to answer them!
Day 11 of Yoga for Beginners: How to Get the Most Out of Savasana
Now that you have 9 basic yoga poses and information on how to practice safely, it’s time to start putting it all together!
Day 12 of Yoga For Beginners: How To Start Your Daily Practice at Home
I’ve given you nine poses and how to end a practice with Savasana. Now, we bring it all back to the beginning so you can start your home yoga practice!

I had two different "Day 12" posts 🙄

Day 12 of Yoga for Beginners: How to Do a Seated Forward Bend
Paschimottanasana is a Seated Forward Bend. It will stretch your spine, hamstrings, and shoulders.
Day 13 of Yoga for Beginners: Reclined Big Toe Pose
Let’s do the first part of a two-part yoga pose that will help you stretch out your legs and lower back! I get into more specifics below. You’ll need a strap for this pose.
Day 14 of Yoga For Beginners: Part B of Reclined Big Toe Pose
This one looks crazy and is what I imagine people think of when they say, “I don’t want to try and bend into a pretzel!” Even with my hips? My tailbone issues? My scoliosis? I can do this one! Your mileage may vary. It’s totally OK to not be bendy
Day 15 Of Yoga For Beginners: Applying COMET Goals To Starting a Yoga Practice (+ Example)
Yoga isn’t a place to be “driven.” It’s not exercise and we’re not here to “feel the burn.” But what if you want to reap the benefits of a consistent practice—but you’re having trouble creating your home practice? Yoga may not be a space where being “driven” is a
Day 16 of Yoga For Beginners: You Can ALWAYS Practice Yoga Through All Seasons Of Life
What season of life are you in? Is your current challenge physical? Mental? Spiritual? Emotional? I promise, no matter your station in life, there’s a way yoga can help—on and off the mat.